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- 1:1 Marketing Campaign Command Center

Take the right action to the right customer at the right time

iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced
iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced
iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced iCEM Advanced

iCEM lets meAuto-Recommendour products to customers and visitors. I love Data when it’s Action.

Shida Yeung - Communications Director, MaBelle Jewellery Co. Ltd.

Uncovers powerful customer behavior insights to fuel your actions

iCEM monitors and analyzes customer behavior data from any touch-point for Data-Driven Customer Engagement. Systematically evaluating performance across all touch points helps you better align more...customer centric campaign design; thus, increased brand perception and solidify improvements in customer acquisition, and cross-sell efforts. iCEM is a flexible platform that scales from focused use cases to an enterprise-wise data-is-action backbone.

More effective marketing strategies with better customer engagement

iCEM makes it easy to customize any Data-Driven Actions that define Digital Enterprise via Open API, to provide A.I. powered and Data-Driven mechanics: Rule Based, Event Trigger, Behavior Scorer, more...Micro-Segmentation, Machine Learning Algorithm, etc. to accuretly target individual customer for conversion, retention, cross-sell and upsell.

Fast Data Interconnect & Spark Stream Processing / Analytics

iCEM works with any CRM Solution or Marketing Automation Tool in the market, as an Enterprise-wise Data-is-Action backbone, empowers Enterprise to do multi-sites Fast Data interconnect with high-throughput, more...Fault-tolerant processing of live data streams, making real-time customer analytics driven actions possible within target response times and with continuous availability.

At a Glance iCEM Advanced



From Behavior Data to Audience Tagging

Custom Taxonomy & Audience Profiling

Customer ID Unification & Journey Path

ID Sync and Journey Path Analysis

Scheduled Segmentation to Action

Batch mode segmentation by Attribute, Score Rule, Event Trigger, etc.

Real-Time Action to Audience

Real-Time action by Attribute, Score Rule and Event Trigger, etc.

Inbound Campaign Command Center

1:1 Dynamic Recommendation Mechanics

Outbound Campaign Command Center

Content Personalization Mechanics

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