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- Your Customer Data Safety Box

Own your data before your competitors do

iCEM Basic iCEM Basic

iCEM turns my data into Goldmine and visitors traffic into new Revenue

Raymond Chen, CTO, Baby Kingdom

The power & importance of owning raw data

Treat iCEM as your cloud data safety box with Customer Data Warehouse-as-a-Service built in. Using iCEM to collect and unify customer data across different touchpoints: WIFI, Web, App, Ad / Media, more...Social Media, etc. iCEM not only saves you time but also empowers you and your company connect the dots by unifying Customer ID across channels and along the Customer Journey. With iCEM, you get insights on “ What happened?", “How frequent does it happen?", "What campaigns work?" – questions that can only be answered by owning your raw data.

Real-Time Dashboards help you connect the dot and understand Customer Journey

iCEM dashboards are easy to customized and get insights for business decisions support. Unlike other solution such as Google Analytics, each data point collected by iCEM about customer behaviors can be stored as more...“Customer Data Asset”. The asset can be analyzed or activated for further customer specific actions, empowering personalized marketing campaign, customer loyalty program, upsell and cross-sell brand / product strategy.

Keep your data away from your competitors

Do you ever wonder, who, besides of you and you company have access to your data? With iCEM, you can export data and keep it in your own secure storage as Private DMP, i.e. without having to solely rely on more...common SaaS solutions. You know exactly where "Online Hot Data" can be integrated with "Offline Warm Data" for actionable insight discovery and be further enriched and activated to drive intelligent customer engagement through CRM Campaign, Marketing Automation or Real-Time Media Advertising. No more worrying about your data asset is shared with the solution vendors or unknown competitors.

Reduce missed sales opportunities & smarter decision making

iCEM’s Real-Time Customer Data Tracking is simple, reliable and easy to integrate with current systems onsite and offsite. Enterprise can collect, analyze and label / tag behavior log and customer data more...from any touch-point / data source. These “Online Hot Data” can be combined with “Offline Warm Data” such as CRM / Transaction / Campaign data scattered around your Enterprise to help making smarter and better decision immediately in real-time.

At a Glance iCEM Basic



Data Collection

Collect & Unify Online Customer Data for Tracking (tracking code, container tag, pixel tag, etc.)

Customer Analytic Dashboards

Customer Data Visualization (similar to Google Analytics but you own your data)

Behavior Data Profiling & Export

Customer Behavior Labeling, Profiling and Customer View by Profile (CRM 2.0 for Online Business)

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