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Running out of data talent? Don’t let it stop you. RETChat combines Advanced Analytics tool and Data Scientist service in it's Model Factory offering to enable Data-Scientist-as-a-Service.

RETChat Model Factory is a great extension of our SEO / SEM / Social Marketing Experts.Together we transform many of our clients into data-driven and omni-channel customer centric operation.

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Knowing Data Scientist is in high demand, RETChat provides Data-Scientist-as-a-Service for Enterprise under RETChat Model Factory. Not only does RETChat make it simple to collect and act upon the untapped value of the customer data, but also let Enterprise own and analyze their data in a Private-DMP with its built-in Advanced Analytics Workbench.

Enterprise can use RETChat Advanced Analytics Workbench to build data models and predictive analytic process flows on their data. The process flows can be saved, shared and deployed across Enterprise.

Our Data-Scientist-as-a-service includes;

Real-Time Dashboard Configuration

Segment Creation by Statistic Scoring

Segment Attribute & Cohort Analysis

Propensity Scoring Automation for CRM Marketing

Predictive Analytics for Campaign Name List Selection

Advanced Analytics for Upsell and Cross-Sell Scoring Model

Look-a-like and Act-a-like Model for Audience Reach Campaign

And more...

At a Glance Model Factory



Offline Customer Data Integration & Advanced Analytics

Online / Offline Customer Data Analysis, Scoring & Segmentation for Action (Data Onboarding for Offline data)


Custom Data Scientist Services bundles with Advanced Analytics Tool

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